Get to know GloveBox and our curator, Brad Mills


GloveBox is a concept fifteen years in the making. Back when I got started detailing cars, things were different. Established brands dominated, and products were straightforward. There were just a few things in my toolbox, and each had a specific purpose. But in the last decade the detailing industry has exploded with new brands and thousands of new products on the shelves. My personal mission is to be the voice of reason in all that noise.

As the market grew, so did I. While detailing some of the finest car collections on the planet, I learned what works and what doesn't - and I'm here to pass that on. Because at the root of it all, I believe that with a bit of guidance, a steady hand, and an eye for perfection, anybody can detail like a pro. 

GloveBox is about mastering a craft, and through it I hope to spotlight great products and pass down my skills to enthusiasts, professionals and beginners alike. I'll help you navigate the complex product marketplace, and give a glimpse into my crazy world of detailing. 



Brad Mills,
Curator and Expert Detailer